Summer School

Fun English courses adapted for pupils from 2 to 18 years old, taught by native teachers and graduates in English Philology.

From 27th June to 29th July

Summer school

Come and enjoy your summer with us at British College La Cañada, we have original and fun themed weeks, guaranteeing compliance with the actual Covid-19 protocols while enhancing the skills and abilities of the students.

The BCLC Topic Experience has been a popular addition to our summer English courses, carefully planned to enable the pupils to be submerged in different topics each week, where the common denominator is the learning of English.

The methodology of project work will assist the students and help them to practise the four important learning skills: writing, listening, speaking & reading, contributing significantly to improving the pupils’ level of English.

Complete course

(English course + lunch + workshops):
9.30 to 16.30 h

Half day course

(English course + lunch):
9.30 to 14.30 h

Morning course

(English Course):
9.30 to 13.00 h

Intensive English Course:

9.30 to 11.30 h

Register - Summer School 2022

Request a place and we will confirm availability.

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The youngest pupils will become familiar with the English language in a natural and playful way through games, songs, dances, creative activities, water games and sensory experiences.Those who are over three years old will also improve their level of English by developing their communication skills, pronunciation and consolidating grammar in a fun and practical way.

At the British College La Cañada Summer School, children will learn and play. They will thrive through a unique and fulfilling experience.

Planning which enables the pupils to be submerged in different topics each week during Summer School, where the common denominator is the learning of English.


The groups are organised according to age and level and are taught by native teachers and graduates in English philology.

Groups of children are organised according to their level and age and the classes are taught by native teachers, qualified in English Philosophy.

Our school offers a summer course for children from 2 to 18 years of age.

From 24 to 36 months old
Psychomotor and water games, handicrafts and songs help language to be introduced in a playful way, stimulating the abilities of the little ones. All of this in a relaxed and safe environment.

From 3 to 11 years old.
Children will learn English through a variety of themed topics that have been carefully chosen by the teacher. Students will be inspired and motivated to use the four areas of learning in an enjoyable way. Learning through topics about the world around them.
TOPIC BASED LEARNING – The blend of methodology  with cross curricular elements, enables the children to investigate a specific topic. The teacher will choose a motivating and inspiring theme through which students will develop competencies in a collaborative approach.

From 12 to 16 years old.
The students will immerse themselves in English experiences and topical debates which will maximise their skills and abilities, acquiring new knowledge, consolidating grammatical structures and reinforcing previous learning.

Intensive 2-hour English course.
Students will practice their communication skills, pronunciation and consolidate grammar in order to increase their confidence in a fun and practical way.

Here is where the fun stuff happens!

All of our students at BCLC will participate in a variety of team sports and water activities throughout the morning led by specialists.



Circus School:
Reveal your talents whilst stimulating your imagination.

Forest School:
Learning English whilst being submerged in nature.

Junior Masterchef:
Unleash your culinary skills in a tangible way.

Sport Campus:
Throw yourselves into sport and enjoy a large variety of team games.

Escape rooms:
An immersive experience, decoding enigmas, solving mysteries and gaining team building skills.

Computing and animation:
Creativity and essential thinking.

On Fridays don´t forget to look out for our ‘What’s on Today’ notice board – displaying daily fun events for the whole school to enjoy.

Fees and services

The complete English course includes English lessons, water games, workshops and activities, lunch and snack.

You can enroll your child for two, three, four and five weeks, as well as alternate weeks.

For further information check the attached chart or call the Secretary´s Office.

Early Morning Club (EMC):

The school will offer an Early Morning Club service, supervising students from 8:00. (This service will be carried out as long as there is a minimum number of interested students.).

Afternoon Club (AFC):

The school will offer the Afternoon Club service, supervising students at the school until 17:30h. (This service will be carried out as long as there is a minimum number of interested students).


The school has various bus routes that can provide students with a school transport service from Valencia and the surrounding areas. (This service won´t be available at 13:00h. or 14:30h.)
The school secretary can provide the necessary information regarding routes and departure/arrival times of these services. This information will be available in the middle of June.

FEES for payments made from May 16th 2022
Complete English course ( with lunch + workshops)
9:30h – 16:30h
640€ /Complete course
595€ / 4 Weeks
480€ / 3Weeks
360€ / 2Weeks
English Course (with lunch)
9:30h – 14:30h
576€ /Complete course
535€ / 4 Weeks
432€ / 3 Weeks
324€ / 2 Weeks
English Course (mornings)
9:30h – 13:00h
480€ /Complete course
446€ / 4 Weeks
360€ / 3 Weeks
270€ / 2 Weeks
Intensive Course
9:30h – 11:30h
430€ /Complete course
380€ / 4  Weeks
304€ / 3 Weeks
228€ / 2 Weeks
TRANSPORT 167€ / Complete course
150€ / 4 Weeks
134€ / 3 Weeks
100€ / 2 Weeks

For your consideration

  • All the material used in the Summer School is included in the teaching fee.
  • Third sibling discount will not be applied to the discount prices established until May 15th.
  • From May 16th, the corresponding prices chart will be applied, and in this case a 10% discount for the third sibling and others can be applied on the Summer School fee (not in the Bus service or others items).
  •  Payment is nonrefundable

Enrollment - Limited places

Request a place and we will confirm availability.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in SUMMER SCHOOL 2022, please fill out the corresponding enrollment form.

The registration period ends on June 19th, 2022. The place will be guaranteed at the time of payment.

In order to process the application, it is essential that you read the following:

Students who come from schools other than British College La Cañada must fill out the following Personal Data Processing document and send it signed and scanned by email to the following email address:

The registration period ends on June 19th, 2022.

Method of payment:

The course must be paid by bank transfer before June 19th, 2022. For more information, contact us by phone 96 132 40 40 or by email:

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