Summer School 2023
26th June to 28th July

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Have a Cool Summer Experience while you learn English and have fun at British College La Cañada
from the 26th of June to the 28th of July!

This summer, at British College La Cañada, we have prepared an immersive, original and fun experience that will enhance the skills and abilities of students. Get ready to discover our Cool Workshops, Fun Fridays and our new inspiring ‘BCLC Sports Academy’.

Our magical, cool formulas create the ultimate BCLC experience this summer:

BCLC Sports Academy (6-16 years)

BCLC English Academy (2-16 years)

BCLC Intensive Cambridge English Course (9:30 – 13:00)* (10-18 years)
placement test required
*Subject to numbers

BCLC Intensive Spanish Course (9:30 – 13:00)* (6-16 years)
*Subject to numbers

Summer School 2023 information

BCLC Sports Academy  (6 years – 16 years).

Sign up and kick start your summer at BCLC’s Sports Academy where energy, fitness and sports come to life…
We have created a fun environment which encourages budding superstars to develop their skills, confidence, technique, creativity and love for a variety of sports, including football, tennis, basketball, athletics, gymnastics and more. All this under the watchful eye, and personal interaction with, our respected sports coaches. Daily sessions will involve a professional style training approach alongside studying the tactics of the footballing elite amongst other teams games.
Come and join our sporting friends and become a team, make lifelong friends and above all enjoy the beautiful world of sports.

Children will not only leave with much more confidence and a better understanding of themselves but they will have gained an insight into the wonderful world of sport.

Children will enjoy a variety of sports where they will be immersed in English in a fun, natural and spontaneous way.

Our Cool Workshops will be there to enjoy, for those children staying all day.

Complete course

(English course + lunch + workshops):
9.30 to 16.30 h

Half day course

(English course + lunch):
9.30 to 14.30 h

Morning course

(English course):
9.30 to 13.00 h

Intensive Course:

9.30 to 13.00 h

BCLC English Academy  (2 years – 16 years).

This summer we will once again be offering the popular BCLC Topic Experience, in which our students aged 3 years and above will learn English through a variety of themed topics. The topic experience allows the students to work within our ‘WORK BY PROJECTS’ methodology, practising the four key learning skills: writing, listening, speaking and reading.

In a cool, fun and practical way, all of our students will be given the opportunity to improve their level of English, developing their communication skills, pronunciation and consolidating their grammar.

Our little ones, 2 – 3 years of age, will learn English in a natural and playful way, through games, songs, dances, creative/messy activities, water play and sensory experiences.

At BCLC Summer School, the children will learn, play and overall have a unique and fulfilling experience!

BCLC Intensive Cambridge English Course (9:30 – 13:00)* (10-18 years).

This summer, we are helping you to prepare for the official ‘English Cambridge Exams.
C1 – CAE – Cambridge Advanced Exam
B2 – FCE – First Certificate in English
B1 – PET – Preliminary English Test

Students will benefit from 3 hours of intensive English, using the appropriate materials and tools to enable them to succeed and be prepared for external examinations. These classes are available to our BCLC students who are currently studying for these exams, as well as our Saturday students and new students wishing to prepare themselves.

placement test required
* Please note these classes are subject to numbers


BCLC Intensive Spanish Course (9:30 – 13:00)* (6-16 years).

A cool opportunity to improve your Spanish skills with our Native Spanish Teachers. In class students will work within our ‘WORK BY PROJECTS’ methodology, practising the four key learning skills: writing, listening, speaking and reading.

In a cool, fun and practical way, all of our students will be given the opportunity to improve their level of Spanish, developing their communication skills, pronunciation and consolidating their grammar.

* Please note these classes are subject to numbers


The students are organised into groups according to age and level and are taught by native teachers and graduates in English philology.
At BCLC we offer summer courses for children from 2 to 16 years of age.

From 24 to 36 months old
Fun water games, handcrafts and songs help language to be introduced in a playful way, stimulating the abilities of the little ones. All of this in a relaxed and safe environment.

From 3 to 11 years old.
WORK BY PROJECTS: The blend of methodology with cross curricular elements, enables the children to investigate a specific topic. Our teachers will take the students on a cool journey to discover the world of English through a variety of exciting themes and topics. Our motivating and inspiring themes will develop competencies in a collaborative approach.

From 12 to 16 years old.
The students will immerse themselves in English experiences and topical debates which will maximise their skills and abilities, acquiring new knowledge, consolidating grammatical structures and reinforcing previous learning.


Cool Workshops

Don’t miss out on the cool stuff this summer…

WATER PLAY (Mornings only):
Cool off this summer with our famous Slip ‘N Slide, Sponge Bombs Bucket Toss, Drip, Drip, Drop, Water Tag, Water Battles and Crazy, Cool Obstacle Races.

MULTI-SPORTS CAMPUS (Mornings only):
Throw yourselves into sport this summer and enjoy a large variety of team games such as catch the flag, tag rugby, basketball, football, tennis, relay races, table tennis and archery.

Have you ever dreamed of taking part in circus life? Capture the magic and reveal your talents whilst stimulating your imagination. At our ‘Cool Circus School’ this summer you will learn to do handstands, acrobalance, hula hooping, Juggling, plate spinning, diabolos, slack line and balance. You will be amazed at what you can learn in just one summer!

WHEELS OF FUN (6 Years +):
WIth a unique combination of skate tuition and roller disco, BCLC’s ‘Wheels of Fun’ form a fun exercise activity for everybody regardless of ability. With classes taking place both inside and outside, we’ll be here to build your confidence and give you the tools to get skating like a pro in no time!

Would you like to unleash your culinary skills? This summer at BCLC, all you will need is a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of magic to discover the MasterChef inside you.

Designed to spark creativity and imagination, for those future engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. Robotics helps inspire children’s creativity and exploration by coding, building, creating and playing whilst being hands-on.

Are you ready to get creative and use your essential thinking skills? Using specialist programmes you will have the opportunity to create your own video games, films and stories. Creating cool stuff through the world of technology

Inspire yourself this summer and discover the cool and wonderful world of science. Get involved and get stuck to really cool experiments inside our science lab. One simple experiment might be the light bulb moment that inspires you to be a scientist for life.

Each and every Friday is FUN at ‘BCLC’s Summer School’ Each week the children will enjoy a special event to keep them ‘COOL’ this summer!

Fees and services 2023

The complete English course includes English lessons, water games, workshops and activities, lunch and snack.

You can enroll your child for two, three, four and five weeks, as well as alternate weeks.

For further information check the attached chart or call the Secretary´s Office.

Early Morning Club (EMC):

The school will offer an Early Morning Club service, supervising students from 8:00. (This service will be carried out as long as there is a minimum number of interested students.).

Afternoon Club (AFC):

The school will offer the Afternoon Club service, supervising students at the school until 17:30h. (This service will be carried out as long as there is a minimum number of interested students).


The school has various bus routes that can provide students with a school transport service from Valencia and the surrounding areas. (This service won´t be available at 13:00h. or 14:30h.)
The school secretary can provide the necessary information regarding routes and departure/arrival times of these services. This information will be available in the middle of June.

FEES for payments Summer School 2023 (after 12nd May)
Complete course ( with lunch + workshops)
9:30h – 16:30h
646€ /Complete course
601€ / 4 Weeks
485€ / 3Weeks
364€ / 2Weeks
Course (with lunch)
9:30h – 14:30h
582€ /Complete course
541€ / 4 Weeks
436€ / 3 Weeks
327€ / 2 Weeks
Course (mornings)
9:30h – 13:00h
485€ /Complete course
451€ / 4 Weeks
364€ / 3 Weeks
273€ / 2 Weeks
TRANSPORT 174€ / Complete course
157€ / 4 Weeks
139€ / 3 Weeks
104€ / 2 Weeks

For your consideration

  • All the material used in the Summer School is included in the teaching fee.
  • Third sibling discount will not be applied to the discount prices established until May 12nd.
  • From May 15th, the corresponding prices chart will be applied, and in this case a 10% discount for the third sibling and others can be applied on the Summer School fee (not in the Bus service or others items).
  •  Payment is nonrefundable

Enrollment - Limited places

Request a place and we will confirm availability.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in SUMMER SCHOOL 2023, please fill out the corresponding enrollment form.

The registration period ends on June 18th, 2023. The place will be guaranteed at the time of payment.

In order to process the application, it is essential that you read the following:

Students who come from schools other than British College La Cañada must fill out the following Personal Data Processing document and send it signed and scanned by email to the following email address:

The registration period ends on June 18th, 2023.

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