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British College La Cañada has the prestigious international accreditation BSO “British School Overseas” which is the inspection of British Schools Overseas dependent on the Ministry of Education of the United Kingdom, which was awarded by ISI – Independent Schools Inspection – this is the most important accreditation worldwide that a British college can receive.

It also receives periodic inspections through the NABSS – National Association of British Schools in Spain – of which it is a member. These inspections are carried out with the objective of auditing the overall quality of the school and compliance with educational standards.

Selectividad 2022 100% Pased

Excellent academic results

Highest grade Baccalaureate

PCE Highest grade

Highest Selectividad grade

Selectividad average

IGCSE results 2022

(52 students)

Overall pass rate

Achived Secondary Certificate.

First Language English

Students achived First Language English Qualification.

English and Maths

Students obteined both English + Maths IGCSE.

Grades 5-9

% of High level results achived.

A LEVELS results 2022

A* - B

% of Excellent Results

A* - C

% of High Level Results

A* - E

% of Qualifications passed

Congratulations to our students for these outstanding results.

IGCSE Results


100% pass to Baccalaureate

BCLC students with 5 or + passed IGCSE subjects

SUBJECT 4 to 9 5 to 9 6 to 9
English Language 100% 95% 70%
English Literature/ESL 95% 79% 42%
Maths 100% 90% 70%
Science 90% 70% 50%
French 100% 89% 84%
Global Citizenship 77% 54% 46%
Art 83% 67% 67%
Physical Education 92% 83% 83%
Computer Science 100% 70% 75%
Further Maths 100% 100% 100%
TOTAL 96% 82% 64%

GL Results

Year 6 GL Results

Average: 100.0

Exam year English Maths Science
2022 106.1 105.1 102.9
2021 101.6 96.7 95.7
2020 COVID year (exams not done)
2019 101.7 98.2 99.4
2018 100.7 96.5 96.3
2017 102.6 97.2 94.4

We are proud of the results that the pupils have achieved, the percentages of pupils achieving national average, in all subjects, are very much in line with those in the UK.

Congratulations must go to the Year 6 pupils, who have worked extremely hard to achieve these results and have a great platform in order to continue their studies into Secondary, we wish them all the best and continued success.

We would also like to thank all the staff involved, for their dedication in getting the pupils to these levels.

Sarah Nowell – Head of Primary

Certificates and approvals

With the guarantee of the best institutions and organizations

Oficialmente reconocido por la Consellería de Educación.

Asociación Nacional de Colegios Británicos en España (NABSS)

Asociación de Centros Autónomos de Enseñanza Privada (Acade).

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