British College La Cañada

British College La Cañada (BCLC) is an independent British School where children are encouraged to reach their full potential through a secure and nurturing environment. The school, established in September 2008, is a mixed, non-religious private school which adheres to the National Curriculum of England and Wales together with the subjects of the Spanish language and culture.

Our school is recognised by the UK Department of Education (DfE) and the Spanish Ministry of Education, which guarantees the standardisation of our students’ studies and facilitates their access to Spanish, British and universities all over the world, as our students obtain the double degree of the British A-Level system and Spanish Baccalaureate.

“Older pupils demostrate genuine empathy as the result of good relationships between teachers and pupils.”


Inspección ISI – BSO 2018


Management Team

The British Curriculum is taught by native teachers with extensive experience in the British system, have the specific qualifications required and meet all the requirements set by the Ministry of Education in the UK.

The teaching team responsible for the Spanish Department is in charge of ensuring that students develop, alongside the British education, the knowledge of the Spanish language, history and culture.

Our teachers build positive and trusting working relationships with their students, so that they develop a growth mindset where results and effort are celebrated equally, so mistakes and failures are seen as opportunities for learning and our pupils will be motivated to progress and further develop.

The management of the school is organised according to the British educational system, it works together with the pedagogical management team, to guarantee the highest academic level and establish a clear vision of the values it fosters; as well as supporting the pedagogical team for each Key Stage: Foundation Stage, Primary, Secondary Education and Sixth Form, which in turn, works with the coordinators of each cycle and subject.

Proprietor and Administrator

Head of Primary

Assistant Head of Primary

Head of Secondary

Spanish Studies Coordinator

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Coordinator

Joanne Wild

Key Stage 4 & 5 Development Coordinator

Amie Gibbs

Faculty Coordinator for Maths and Computing

Cris Hodgson

Key Stage 2 Coordinator

Katie Bevan

Secondary Head of Pastoral

Oliver Jennings

Science Coordinator

Kerry Hough

Saturday courses and Summer School Coordinator

Teresa Panayiotopoullos

Primary and Foundation Psychopedagogical Guidance

Marta Cerdá

Psychopedagogical and Academic orientation

Carmen Esteban

Our Values and Mission Statement


Our mission

We provide the best possible British education with high academic expectations.

British College La Cañada provides a warm, familiar and safe learning environment that encourages the student’s motivation to learn and develop self-confidence. So we ensure that all students reach their potential by developing their independence as unique individuals.

We reward and value both the process and the results. Through the collaboration of parents and guardians, we foster confidence in students so that they feel good about themselves, with what they think and say, resulting in a community of people willing to learn at all times and who will be able to contribute positively and safely in society.


Our vision

Learning together, achieving together

To prepare confident, well rounded and responsible lifelong learners who will become pioneering and inspiring forces in their homes, communities, and the world.

Educating in equal rights among people and promoting respect for all cultures.


Our values


We have PRIDE


to have the courage to finish what we start despite the difficulties.


to treat yourself, people and everything showing that you care.


to think and act by yourself.


to understand that everyone has the right to have an opinion and to express it in a controlled way.

Equality and Tolerance

to treat everybody the same and judge people by “their content of character”.

Policies and Procedures

At BCLC our priority is the well-being and safety of our children. The school follows different policies implemented to guarantee and protect the safety, both physical and emotional, of our students.

Whole School:

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