Enrichment Curriculum

“Pupils demonstrate a positive attitude to both individual and collaborative work” 

Inspection ISI – BSO 

We promote the development of key skills and competences of our students.

BCLC offers a curricular enrichment program where Primary and Secondary school students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that promote the development of important skills and competencies.

The objective of this program is:

  • To offer students valuable learning experiences
  • To help our students to develop their interests and skills
  • To reinforce and expand upon our students’ academic studies

Enrichment Curriculum

Our enrichment program, through various activities that take place outside of the academic curriculum, promotes students’ independence and gives them the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills, express their ideas, have self-confidence, develop leadership and public speaking skills.

In Secindary students select a different activity from a wide range of options, including:




-charity events

-Magic the Card Game.

In addition, Sixth form students will be skill matched for mentoring in year 7 and providing valuable support for nursery and primary students.The idea of the sessions is to nurture a students’ independence, encourage responsibility and a sense of belonging and to allow students to work with different people.

Sport activities

Physical Education is one of the basic pillars in our education system, it is taught to all students in our school, following the British National Curriculum.

Through frequent and varied sports we instill the habit of keeping active, teaching our students to understand the importance of physical education as a means of healthy and balanced personal development.

At Foundation Stage we teach the students to move with safety, control and coordination and to be aware of the concept of space and the people around them.

In Key Stage 1 and 2 our students will know the basic parts of the body through songs and games. Through play and with the use of various attractive materials in shapes and colors, they will also improve their basic motor skills, develop eye-hand and locomotor coordination. We help them to improve body control through static and dynamic balance exercises.

In Secondary, physical education is of great importance in terms of encouraging students to maintain an active and health lifestyle. We encourage the use of sport as a means of promoting team spirit, effort, and fair play, thus teaching our students how to accept losing and winning through game sports and healthy competition. Additionally, Physical Education can be chosen at IGCSE and A-Level, where students not only take part in sports and develop their practical skills, but also study the theoretical aspects of Sport Science and Sport Psychology.

Trips, travels and cultural exchanges

Various school excursions are organised throughout the year in all year groups from Foundation Stage to Sixth Form. These trips are chosen to enhance the students’ educational experience, increase their skills and deepen students’ understanding of the content learnt in the classroom. It is recommended that students attend all school excursions as the activities are very different from their day-to-day activities at school.

Travel and cultural exchanges are part of our academic program. Students get a broad view of the world around them and a multicultural mindset by discovering other places.They learn to appreciate the value of local and global culture.

Each year specific trips are planned depending on the course, such as:

  • The ski trip
  • Acultural exchange with the Montpellier Institute. France
  • Various sports activities: windsurfing, sailing.

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