Educational stages


University orientation

16-18 years old

British Baccalaureate

University Orientation

We promote that at Sixth form, students develop successfully in areas outside of the school curriculum.

At BCLC we promote that students in the Sixth Form focus on their academic achievement, but also on developing successfully in areas outside of the school curriculum. This educational stage is fundamental, as it is the time when students discover their passions and become inspired and independent learners, preparing for future professional careers.

Pre-university stage

Sixth Form 16 to 18 years old

In this pre-university stage, students have the opportunity to choose the subjects that most interest them within the sciences, humanities and the arts. The British curriculum prepares students for Advanced Levels (A-Levels), a highly personalised programme that allows students to choose their subjects and study them at deeper levels.

At British College La Cañada Sixth Form, our way of working reflects our whole school vision “Learning together, achieving together”. Our main purpose is to guide our students to achieving their academic potential and prepare them for the real world by developing strategies that encourage their learning abilities for life.

Sixth Form is comprised of Year 12 and Year 13

In Year 12 and Year 13, pupils study Advanced Level courses (A-Levels) in 4 subjects. Our orientation department will guide them to choose the right options based on their interests, abilities and / or their chosen university career.

In Year 12 our students study Advanced Subsidiary courses (AS), which makes up half of the Advanced Level Course. In addition, the students choose 2 subjects specific to their career choice from the Spanish Baccalaureate curriculum, in order to be assessed through the UNED.

In Year 13 the pupils continue with and complete the A Levels programme and sit exams in specific stage of the Spanish Curriculum, necessary to access to Spanish Universities. Our students obtain the double certification, from the British A-Levels and from the Spanish Baccalaureate.

They continue to develop their language and skills in English and Spanish.

In addition to the A-levels and subjects in the Spanish curriculum, all students will study A-level Spanish and prepare for Cambridge Advanced English examinations.

Once the exams are completed, they will be marked and graded by an external official examining body (CIE and EDEXCEL), which together with the specific University access exams (PCE), will allow our students to obtain double certification and access to universities in Spain, the United Kingdom and any international university.


A-Level subjects

1. Mathematics

2. Further Mathematics

3. Biology

4. Chemistry 

5. Physics

6. English language and literature 

7. French

8. History / Geography

9. Psychology

10. Business Studies

11. Physical Education

12. Computer Science

13. Art

Asignaturas específicas Year 12

1. Biología

2. Química

3. Matemáticas I/I

4. Dibujo Técnico

5. Matemáticas CCS

6. Economía

7. Fundamentos del Arte

8. Historia de Arte

Access to University

International Universities are interested in the student as a whole: their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, interests, motivations and passions. For these reasons, we offer a variety of opportunities designed to develop and nurture our students, such as participating in the Student Council, Youth Parliament, advising younger students in various meetings and workshops and working on the school newspaper; we also offer them the opportunity to take part in our BCLC Work Experience programme.

Other educational stages

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