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“Lessons utilising technology are well planned, and teachers’ support pupils by giving clear demonstrations”

Inspection ISI – BSO

At British College La Cañada, technology is part of the puzzle leading to innovation.

New technologies form part of our students’ learning from Nursery to Sixth Form. Nevertheless, each stage has its own interests and needs, which is why each one has the specific devices and means in order to develops skills in accordance with students age and level.

New technologies form part of our students’ life from Nursery to Sixth Form.

Nursery and Reception

In Nursery and Reception, exposure to technology is achieved from the use of iPads, programmable robots and touch screens that allow collaborative work as well as group enjoyment of fun learning activities.


Throughout Primary, our students start using office document applications, media, block programming tools and educational robotics. School devices are used so that technology education and learning experiences are the responsibility of the school and not the family.


Secondary is characterised by an approach to computational thinking, through a process that begins with the development of mobile applications using block programming to programming with written languages such as Python. Additionally, from Secondary to Sixth Form, the school has implemented the project Bring Your Own Device, promoting the development of responsibility and maturity, which favours working with the flipped classroom methodology, a system switches from traditional teaching methods and encourages the independent learning of new material, so that later activities in class focus on more on interaction and application of knowledge.

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