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The British educational system is founded on learning through practical and intuitive teaching; it encourages teamwork and establishes clear objectives that guarantee continuity in the educational process in which students participate.

Our pupils enjoy excellent facilities surrounded by a natural environment that allow them to have fun, learn and grow through daily relationships with their classmates and teachers.

Encourages individualized learning

Each child is unique and develops individually, each with different abilities, their own strengths and weaknesses. At BCLC, each child knows the goals she/he is to achieve and receives positive reinforcement and ongoing support from their teachers. This is key to ensuring that students are motivated and strive to improve.

Much more than learning a new language

Choosing a British education at BCLC means much more than learning a new language. It is not simply a matter of choosing an education in English so that our children can access the best universities or have greater job opportunities, but it also means giving them the opportunity to access an extremely professional educational system, with the highest quality of teaching and learning.

We place special emphasis on continuous assessment and are committed to consistent performance, rather than one-off performances at key points, such as final exams or submission of assignments.

Teach for the future

Our curriculum aims to ensure that students not only possess knowledge, but are also able to think, reflect, and continue to learn throughout their lives.

We guide students to be confident and better global citizens, being responsible not only to themselves, but also in the way they treat others. Enabling them to be tolerant and feel free to develop their own opinions and values and to make their own decisions in the future.

“There is real care in the community and the relationships between teachers and pupils are very strong”


 ISI Inspection – BSO 2021

British Schools Overseas Acredited Inspection

BCLC holds the prestigious international recognition BSO “British School Overseas” inspection of British Schools Abroad under the UK Ministry of Education.

These inspections are carried out with the objective of auditing the overall quality of the school and compliance with educational standards.

sello bso rojo_Mesa de trabajo 1

Over several days a team of British Inspectors evaluated the following criteria:

  • Quality of education provided by the school.
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the students.
  • Student´s wellbeing, health and safety.
  • The adequacy of the staff, suppliers and owners.
  • School areas and facilities.
  • Information provided about the school.
  • School procedures for managing complaints.
  • Quality of leadership and management.

This inspection is carried out every 3 years and it is a very demanding process for the entire management and teaching team, for this reason we are very proud of the effort and dedication shown as well as the involvement of our pupils in the interviews and conversations they had with the inspectors

Their main conclusions were:

  • The curriculum is broad and balanced and gives pupils experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, human and social, physical and creative education.
  • The school’s ethos, its assemblies, topics and PSHE programme promote the pupil’s personal development.
  • Pupils continue to make steady progress throughout the primary department.
  • Pupils are successful in applying their mathematical knowledge and understanding in other subject areas.
  • Pupils’ knowledge of science is enhanced through work covered in UK and spanish curriculum.
  • As they progress through the school, pupils extend their competencies using technology for research and to make presentations.
  • Teachers encourage them to assess their thinking and set them challenges.


NABSS Inspections

BCLC is also inspected regularly by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS), authorised by the Ministerio de Educación de España.


Spanish Inspections. Conselleria de Educación

Our school follows the Spanish curriculum in: Lengua Castellana, Ciencias Sociales y Naturales, Historia y Geografía de España y Lengua valenciana and is inspected annually according to the current legislation for International Schools in the Comunidad Valenciana.

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