Psycho-pedagogical Guidance Cabinet

The department of psycho-pedagogical guidance is at your disposal for any information you may need or would like to inform the school.

Cabinet basic functions



We participate in the detection of educational needs in general, and specific support and special needs in particular. And for that we carry out a psychopedagogical evaluation, shared with other professionals.


Resources coordination

Collaboration among: students, family and school professionals, together with coordination with external services such as: pediatricians, child and youth mental health units, neuropediatricians, speech therapists, psychomotorists, etc. are the keys to this service.



The service deals both with psycho-pedagogical advice to the teachers of the school, as well as offering advice, support and tools to help families in their educational work.

BCLC Parents Workshops

We must collaborate to achieve a real team effort among students, families, teachers and the rest of the professionals who work at the school.

In the , BCLC Parents Workshops, talks are organized for families with external professionals to address topics such as nutrition, learning theories, self-esteem in children, conflict management in adolescents, etc.

Interventions are also carried out with our students to work on academic, social and emotional aspects from infancy to adolescence:

  • Bullying, self-esteem, social skills, addictions, social networks, study skills, etc.

Classroom workshops

Various activities and workshops are organized for the different educational stages, values are worked on to promote solidarity, empathy, respect, self-esteem and self-confidence.

In the Secondary and Baccalaureate stage, the Psychopedagogical Cabinet is in charge of accompanying the students during the decision-making of their future careers. Guided University visits are organised in order for students to get to know how universities work and to inform themselves of each university system.

Workshops will be held in the classroom to work on study techniques, motivational tools, time management, organization and education for health, thus working on the most important aspects of adolescence.

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