The principal objective of British College La Cañada is to create a warm, caring and safe environment for each child. They will respect and value both the School and their classmates, display tolerance, develop self-confidence and feel free to make their own decisions.

    Promoting a stimulating education through methods and activities generates enjoyment and enthusiasm in the child and, as a consequence, motivation for learning. We understand that this is achieved through active and creative teaching that, together with hard work, will develop the pupil’s intellectual independence and encourage a desire for learning and knowledge.

    All our pupils are individuals, each one with their own characteristics, for which reason our education is based on ensuring that each child develops at their own pace.

    We believe in the fundamental role that parents have in the education of their children and trust that they will reinforce at home both the tenets and the philosophy of the school.

    We will instil in our pupils the equality of rights between all human beings and teach them to reject any type of discrimination as well as encourage in them a respect towards all cultures.

    We consider the respect, understanding and knowledge of the two coexisting languages in the school to be a fundamental aspect of the education of our pupils.