The school has an Educational Psychologist which is at the disposal of those parents who have any doubts or information which they feel the school should be notified off.

    The procedure to communicate with the will be through prior notice to the tutor, who will consider if the psychologist is required to address the problem.

    In order to prevent, detect and intervene in any potential learning difficulties, a general psychological evaluation will be carried out between certain Key Stages.

    A meeting will be held in which the school psychologist will present the parents with a written report detailing the results of each child, and will briefly explain the general characteristics of the evaluation (indicator evaluated, methodology, standards applied, etc.).

    Additional evaluations may also be carried out in when its convenient for the child’s class teacher/management. The psychologist will carry out an in-depth study of those children who show signs of educational, developmental and/or learning difficulties and who may need more specific, individual help.

    Main role of the Educational Psychologist:
    1. Identify students with special educational needs:
    This will be to detect general and particular education needs. In order to do this, we will carry out an educational psychology evaluation in conjunction with other professionals.
    2. Educational psychology counseling for teachers.
    3. Counseling for families focused on their educational task.
    4. Coordination with other resources: internal and external.
    Coordinación de recursos internos y externos al centro.
    • Internal resources: We must cooperate to achieve a balance between students, families, teachers and the rest of professionals working in our centre.
    • External resources: coordination with external services such as paediatricians, young and children mental health units, paediatric neurologist, speech therapists, and psychomotricians among others.

    Given the case parents have any doubt regarding their child/children, the procedure in our school will be as follows:
    • The teacher will ask the parents to arrange a meeting (through the diary/extranet) to try to solve the problem.
    • If the parents find any difficulty, they will have to contact the teacher and arrange an interview. Teachers in our school are highly qualified in solving by themselves or with parents support any problem or difficulties their children may encounter.
    • In particular/unusual cases, if the teacher needs counseling or specific advice, he/she will receive personal advice by our school’s Educational Psychology Advisor.
    • If after a reasonable time the problem persists, our school’s Educational Psychology Advisor will intervene in collaboration with the parents to find, inside or outside the school the best possible solution for the child.