British College La Caņada has been divided into independent buildings, one for Pre-school education, one for Primary education and lastly one for Secondary education.

    In the Infant building you will find the Foundation Stage classes, also the main Secretary's office and offices for Management, Head of Primary and the school Psychologist.

    All of the classes in the Primary building are equipped with interactive whiteboards and computers, there is also a computer suite and a multipurpose room available to all students.

    In the Secondary building, innovation, wide spaces and the latest technology predominate all of the facilities. Open learning spaces, glass-walled classrooms encourage collaborative work in order to enhance our students' skills. The building consists of 3 floors, a large hall where students have their lockers as well as a rest area. Classrooms have fully equipped with digital whiteboards, computers, and built-in sound systems. The Hub (computer room and library), with it's Apple equipment, provides a space for innovation and coworking, whilst the purpose built laboratories, music room and the Art studio, make great spaces for such specialist subjects. The Green Area is multifunctional relax room, where you can purchase varied snacks and refreshments and at the same time enjoy free time surrounded by nature.

    The school provides a fully equipped kitchen and dining room, children's playgrounds with play areas suitably adapted for each age group.

    In terms of sports facilities the school has an area of 8.000m². Which includes multipurpose sports courts (basketball and seven-a-side football) and swimming pools.