Mission Statement. We provide the best possible British Education with high academic expectations.

    British College La Cañada provides a safe and secure learning environment where pupils develop their motivation for learning through ensuring they are exposed to everyday active and relevant experiences.

    We provide the best possible British Education with high academic expectations whilst ensuring that all pupils achieve their potential through developing their independence as unique individuals.

    We will reward and value the process as well as the result. Through collaboration with parents and carers we nurture confident learners who are comfortable with who they are and what they think and say, resulting in a community of lifelong learners who can contribute with confidence to our global community.

    They will develop diverse and transferable skills and attributes to fulfil their academic, emotional, creative and physical potential.

    Vision. Learning together, achieving together.

    To prepare confident, well rounded and responsible lifelong learners who will become pioneering and inspiring forces in their homes, communities, and the world.

    Learning together, achieving together.

    Our Values and Beliefs.
    We have PRIDE

    S.U.P.E.R. values

    Perseverance to have the courage to finish what you start despite the difficulty.

    Self control to manage your own behaviour and emotions in order to make the right decisions.

    Respect to treat yourself, all people and all things in a way that shows you care.

    Unity to work together as one, tolerate and accept differences and share our ideas.

    Independence to think and act for yourself.

    Perseverance & passion to never give up, to always persist despite the difficulty and challenge.

    Democracy to understand that everybody has a right to an opinion and that they can voice that opinion in a controlled way.

    Effort & enthusiasm to have a thirst for learning and to approach all tasks with enjoyment and interest.

    Equality and tolerance to treat everybody the same and judge people by “their content of character”.

    Respetc to have a positive feeling of admiration and regard for the feelings, emotions, wishes and property of others.